Copper Mines Cabin

The Copper Mines Lodge offers a highly convenient lodging option for members of the Veteran’s Fly fishing group. When these avid fly fishers come to enjoy their fishing adventures with the organization, they are provided with the option of renting out the lodge’s private basement apartment. This spacious accommodation features all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. With a studio room boasting a cozy queen size bed, a separate room equipped with bunk beds, a full bath for their convenience, a fully equipped kitchen allowing them to prepare their meals, a comfortable living room for relaxation, and a dining area for communal meals, the private basement apartment offers everything needed to make their stay enjoyable. The Copper Mines Lodge truly provides a comfortable and welcoming space for the Veteran’s Fly fishing group, ensuring a memorable experience for all who choose this convenient lodging option.

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Copper Mines Lodge

The Copper Mines Lodge, available at www.coppermineslodge.com, offers a highly convenient lodging option for fly fishermen visiting with the Veterans fly fishing group. This exquisite lodge is a perfect choice, especially for larger groups, as it can comfortably accommodate up to 20 fishermen. With its spacious and well-appointed facilities, the lodge ensures that all guests have a pleasant and enjoyable stay. The website showcases the lodge’s impressive amenities, including multiple bedrooms, spacious common areas, a fully equipped kitchen, and modern bathrooms. Whether it’s relaxing after a long day on the river or sharing stories and camaraderie with fellow fishermen, the Copper Mines Lodge provides the perfect setting for a memorable fly fishing experience. Fishermen can rest assured that their lodging needs are well taken care of when choosing this convenient option for their stay.

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